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Project Stadskoll

Stadskoll was an online and smartphone application tool to help the citizens and visitors of Hässleholm, to help them easily find, rate and get information about the restaurants, cafés, and clubs in town.

The project started by Jakob Hakansson, Eric Wennerberg and David Peterson in 2013, at a side of their studies in the Swedish upper secondary school. Stadskoll was a professional company that wanted to improve and introduce the Hässleholm nightlife, through their website and smartphone application


The website launched 1th March 2013

The local newspaper, Norra Skåne wrote an article about the newly launched project.

Stadskoll even got and agreement with the commune to co-operate and receive financial contribution.

Stadskoll had lots of different functions for the ordinary user, such as menus, maps of where all the restaurants, cafes, and clubs are located, ratings, comment fields built through a facebook plug-in, description and basic information about different places and much more!

But it also filled a great feature for all restaurants, cafes, and clubs. They had features to market themselves through Stadskoll. Through payments, they were able to post their weekly buffet lunches, news or other offers. The posts would end up on the newsfeed of the websites homepage so everyone that visited the site would see the daily feed of news about all the restaurants, cafes, and clubs.


All the restaurants, cafes, and clubs had their own login account, where they could log in and edit their profile on the website, market themselves and check their statistics. These credentials were distributed through a personal meeting with each company, contracts were signed at every place, for the use of Stadskolls services.

All restaurants, cafes, and clubs that existed at that time (2013) joined Stadskolls clientele.


Here are screenshots from Stadskolls website during its development (unfortunately I found no documentation from the finished project yet) as well as images from their facebook page.

Here is a screen recording from an emulation of the Stadskoll applications for iOS in an early stage, though most of the features are included.