On my free time I enjoy filming, editing, and producing small clips. The tools I'm using is Adobe Premier Pro and Adobe After Effects.

I enjoy many different kinds of activities, aswell as filming and editing videos from them.

Here is my latest video from when I and my friends visited Vallåsen Bike Park 2015 for some Downhill.


Vallåsen Bike Park :


Song: Summer Breeze - Tobu & Jordan Kelvin James

Another hobby of mine is motorcycles. It has been my lifelong dream to buy and get a license. Which I finally did in 2014, and celebrating this by filming and editing a video.


Song: Best Day Of My Life - Gazzo Remix


My upper secondary school project was to document a field trip where we went to South Africa in out third and last year. Documentation through film and editing.

The field trip had the purpose to learn other cultures and giving humanitarian aid to schools in the far north mountains. All the editing and animating were done by myself, though my partner in the project were Carl-Henrik Kinult, who helped with filming, finding information and holding the interviews.

Sydafrika Informationsfilm SWAG - is an informationfilm for the coming students of the International program at Hässleholm Technical School, where they can get an insight what could be coming for them on their field trips and some information of South Africa.


Sydafrika Dag för Dag - is a film about all the places where we went to, which were used to show the family members of the students where we've been and what we did more in detail.