About me

My name Jakob Håkansson, I'm a happy, forward-looking and social guy at the age of 21.


I went to the upper secondary school at Hässleholm Technical School HTS, on the program International nature and science, which I graduated with good grades.

I continued my studies directly at Lund Technical University (LTH), studying Master of Science in Computer Engineering. However, I took a study break after autumn 2014.The reason for this study break was an uncertainty of what I really wanted to study, and at the time it felt like my education mostly was about complex algorithms and math.


In the Autumn 2014, I continued my studies again, this time for a BSc in Computer Engineering at Linnaeus University in Växjö, which led to me moving from my hometown Hässleholm.

My goal was to get a basic engineering education and, later on, study a Masters in Interaction design at Chalmers University. My interest in interaction design was introduced by my cousin and his girlfriend whom both worked with the subject.

But after six months at LNU, I felt that the quality of its education was low and I wanted more! Though still my goal was to study interaction design. So I resumed my studies, Spring 2014 at LTH again, but, this time, a transition to Master of Science in Information and Communication Technologies (InfoCom).

InfoCom is closely related to the Computer Engineering program, but with a deeper focus on communication and interaction between computers and people, which is exactly what I always wanted.

The idea is to take my Masters with the specialization "Usability and design".


Now I also reside me in Lund and I feel that I have finally found the right place!


In my free time, I like to exercise and spend time with my loved ones.

I also have a greater interest in computers and because of that, I've become quite cunning in the field.



Upper secondary school: International Nature and Science at Hässleholm Technical School HTS (2010-2013)


University (Currently studying): Master of Science in Information and Communication Technologies (InfoCom) at Lund Technical University. Estimated graduate Spring 2019.


Earlier employment:


Summer job:


Summer Camp Hässleholm: Activity Manager (Leader and Instructor) on Volleyball for children ages 7-12.


Full time and extra work:


Ivar Håkanssons AB:

Warehousing, dispatching customers, daily cash accounting, marketing and general technical manager e.g cash register systems (FDT) and diagnostic tools and its software and much more!


Coop Forum Hässleholm:

Customer service (Support), cashier, warehouse and more.


Other qualifications:

Acted as a company host for the southern of Sweden's largest business fairs. Whose mission has been to provide given the company (Apsis International AB) a good treatment followed by the services and support during the fair, as well as participating in preparations for the fair itself.


Language skills:

Swedish - Mother's tongue

English - Fluent

German - Good knowledge

Italian - Beginner


IT- Knowledge


Java - Advanced ( 24,5 hp )

Html - Good/Beginner

CSS - Good/Beginner

PHP - Good/Beginner

MySQL - Good ( 7,5 hp )



Advanced/Basic knowledge about big and small networks ( 16,5 hp)


Operating Systems:

Windows - Advanced

iOS - Good/Advanced

Linux - Basic/beginner



Microsoft Office - Good/Advanced

Adobe Photoshop - Advanced

Adobe Illustrator - Good

Adobe After Effects - Good

Adobe Premier Pro - Advanced

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